Weekly Update:

For this week, I had ZERO prior knowledge on video editing. Through the reading assignments and videos, it really showed me how much goes into producing. This was definitely a harder week and pushed me to learn lots of things.

First, we did the video essay assignment. This was the longest out of the assignments and I really had to familiarize myself with iMovie and stick through it continuously crashing on me for me to make this work.

Next, I did video assignments. I really wanted to do a group, but unfortunately we only had 2 people so we wouldnt have been able to make it work. Here are my 3 assignments that I did to equal 10 stars this week

Next are my Daily Creates.

This week really pushed me to learn more about movies, video editing, and production. I truly had to step out and figure out how to do everything so that I could complete each assignment. At least I will be prepared for next week’s assignments too!

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