Weekly Summary Week 11:

This week we continued on our video projects, and got more comfortable with video editing. For this week, I went the individual route, so I did 10 stars more worth of assignments. For me, this week was about adding more value to my production in my videos; however that was hard considering imovie on my computer crashes everytime I add something to it. Without that however, this week made for a lot of fun with editing. Here are my daily creates!

Next, we had to do 10 stars worth of video assignments. For this week, I chose to do two assignments worth 5 stars. Working more and playing around with editing more made for better videos and better quality. I think the assignments I did I put a lot of work into and you can tell it’s a drastic improvement from last week!

These videos took lots of extra care and editing considering they were worth 5 stars. I am happy with the outcome!

Next, we had to write up a final project part 2 ideas post. In this, I explain a more formulated idea of what I want to do. Let me know what you think!

Finally, I continued to submit the best posts as well as do more commenting on other’s blogs. This week really pushed me to become more comfortable with video editing, as well as also be more patient from reopening iMovie the 60 times it crashed on me. See you next week!

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