Radio Show Experience

For this assignment, I was in a complicated schedule. I had to work a convention in D.C. Sunday-Wednesday all day and didn’t come back until 11 each night. Because of this schedule, I was not able to live hear any of the radio broadcast times. I thought that as a result, I could take this as a positive and reflect on what I do know- reflecting on my group’s podcast. As I would have loved to be able to hear the others, it simply couldn’t work with my schedule unfortunately. Listening to our show all done made me very surprised. I knew what each segment sounded and talked about, however when it all came together it made it so much more interesting. Dani did a really great job with combining everything, and it was fun how spontaneous the commercials were as well. The sound effects were great. It sounded a lot more put together just since we used sounds from the same site and genre, so I feel like that aspect made it all the more organized. All of the parts work, I think the only thing we could’ve done differently was make it transition better. Overall, it sounded really great and listening to it all put together made me realize how much goes into a single podcast, radio show, or even audio.

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