Let’s Try it Again!

This reworking I chose two of some of my assignments and decided to tweak them! For the first one, I did 4 images, one story again. I wanted to do another movie. Here is my first post

Here is my new one that I think is more fitting to me and something that is harder! *Hint*, it’s my favorite movie!

This one’s very hard. Hopefully you can still guess it though!

For my second rework, I wanted to redo the simple but good logo. I liked my previous scoops ahoy, but I wanted to make it something different.

Here’s my first post

Here is a second logo that I think fits equally as well.

I added the playful phrase, that I think fits the show very well. In this logo, I think the ship wheel is a nice touch and fits the theme too. I enjoyed both of my reworks and I think they add a lot to the original posts.

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