Design Ideas!

I have a lot of ideas that could be done in relation to our theme. I have a project that I did in DS101 a while ago that I would love to revisit and change to match our theme. I did an album layering in photoshop that compiled all of the most popular albums from the 2000’s and took each year and compiled it into one photo. I think to match our theme, it would be interesting to do the same with the 80’s. For example, we could compile the top 80’s movies or top 80’s albums and make that into one single photo. This can be really interesting to do because then you can also see the most common colors, fonts, and themes associated with the time period. I found this really interesting and is very easy to do using the Photoshop installed on the computers in the HCC. I am definitely doing this! Above is a picture from one of the years that I really liked how it came out.

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