Final Project Ideas!

For my final project, I had thought it would be fun to take the top 10 albums of the 80’s and form it into one picture. With more thought of the given project, I thought it would be fun to actually do the whole decade, year by year. I would do this through photoshop by taking all of the top 10 pictures of albums of the year, and then change the opacity and layering levels to make it into one photo. From past experience, this project turns out really cool. If needed, I could do a video talking about the picture and incorporating that into the project as well; although the photoshop using the pictures takes time enough and a video would be a bit harder. I’m thinking that this would be fun and would show the contrast of the 80’s between the years and hopefully people will be able to make out some of the albums! This is something I really want to either get the ball rolling with since it takes time, or formulate some way to make or change this project to fit the guidelines.