Weekly Summary Week 9

This week was pretty relaxed since we had our huge projects last week, so it was nice to take it easy. The first post we did summarized our experience with the radio show broadcasts from this week:

Next, we brainstormed ideas for the upcoming project/final:

Then, we used our Daily Creates to tell a story and put it together:

Finally, we did some reworks on our projects. I chose the design projects, as those are my favorites to do. Here is my post!

Overall, there was still a bunch of work this week. The brainstorming gets me excited for the next upcoming project, as I have a really good idea I want to follow through with even if modified!’

Weekly Summary #7:

This week was all about working on our radio show, completing daily creates, and also updating and working on audio assignments that would aid for our radio show. It all went very smoothly, as I talk about in my status report, but I also was able to incorporate at least one of the assignments into our radio show. We got so much done that we didn’t really need to rely on the assignments to help us finish. Below, I will list what I have finished during the week and my thoughts.

First, here are my daily creates throughout the week. A lot of these were really fun and embedding them has become a breeze with practice!

Next, I have my Radio show progress post. We got a lot done mostly on Monday so I have had a lot of time to reflect on what we have done so far:

Next, I did the Logo assignment. I think my group will like mine, however I’m open to using any of the other group member’s logos for our show too!

Here are my audio assignments for this week. I was surprised we had to complete so many stars while doing the group work as well!

Then, I commented on some of my group member’s blogs to agree with the progress. Overall, this week was kept very busy with the group work. I’m excited to see how it progresses over the next week and I’m happy that our group isn’t having any problems in comparison to how I know a lot of group projects could go!

Design Blitz!

For this assignment, I didn’t have any other emails to use for another Instagram, nor did I feel comfortable posting a class assignment on my Instagram, so I chose to post the pictures on Twitter. For my design blitz, I got photos of minimalism, saturation, rhythm, and dominance. This was a very fun assignment and got me to think out of the box and be creative with what I took pictures of.

In this picture, I captured rhythm. You can see the fountain moving and below the ripples and waves from it as well. I thought this was also very fitting considering it’s the UMW fountain; which has a big reputation and also is a metaphor for new beginnings as freshman are supposed to dunk themselves in the fountain so that they will graduate on time.
In this photo, I captured dominance. I thought this was an example of dominance is because the way the sunlight lights up through the trees, it really takes over the entirety of the photo and makes it the focal point. Even though there’s a lot of colors, shapes, and other things going on in the photo, the sunlight takes over and that’s why I thought this showed dominance.
Here is my photo that is an example of minimalism/use of space. There’s not a lot going on in the photo/background, and the large clock tower stands in the middle by itself, making it seem larger than it is. The empty space around the pole creates even more of an illusion. I think that since there is only one main focal point to the photo, it shows the minimalism that there is. This was taken outside of a building on campus.
This is my example of saturation. My sister and I used a water paint gun and were using it to display color. There’s a lot of different colors going on in the photo, but the main point is the splatter of pink and purple on my arm. I think this is a really good photo and was great timing for this design blitz.

Overall, this was a really fun assignment and made me think about the meanings we give to our photos and designs subconsciously. Below will be my embedded tweet.

D.C. Sounds

For this assignment, for 4 stars, I did the “Create a Place” audio assignment. We had to mashup a bunch of sounds in order to create a place. For mine, I wanted to choose D.C. because that’s where I spend a lot of time. For the audio, I included a lot of metro door closing sounds, car horns, traffic sounds, and rally sounds. I thought this was fitting considering it is a very crowded city that is very politically focused. I made it on audacity, and then copy and pasted a lot of the sounds to make it more interesting throughout the clip. I got the sounds on Free Sounds.org and it was really easy to download and compress the different audios. Hope you enjoy!

Radio Show Ideas:

20-30 minute radio show:

-Podcast format

-Discuss and play top songs from the 80s and talk about them after

-Discuss Favorite movies from the 80s and things that culturally came out of it

-Talk about Stranger Things and how it shows us culture from the 80s

-We could read our parent’s interpretations of the 80s

This is just a rough idea of things I think would be interesting for the radio show! Let me know what you think!

Shadow of a Doubt

For this assignment, for 2.5 stars, I had to take a picture with shadows adding to the picture. I decided to take to my backyard, and found a lot of interesting shadows made by leaves. For my picture, I chose a singular branch because it had the most light shining through it. The shadows in this picture cast by the leaves, emphasize the contrast made and makes the light the central focus of this photo. I really like the way it turned out and it made me experiment with different lightings and angles to get it where I wanted.

80s Photography Styles

For this post, I wanted to use the article “These photographers captured the Rebellious Youth of the 80’s” to study their photography styles and techniques. After looking at the various photos that each photographer shoots, it seems that there are so many present techniques in 80’s photography. Selection is seen by many of the photographers using only a single person in the shot. This emphasizes storytelling by making you analyze the person more carefully. What are they thinking? What’s going on in this photo behind the scenes? It makes you think way more about it. Contrast is present as well. The photographers use a lot of black and white photos, which obviously makes certain things stand out more, to make more “rebellious things” stand out. Whether is be tattoos, a cigarette, the photographer adds contrast and therefore makes certain things stand out more to emphasize the emotion behind it. Perspective is very prominent in 80s photography. This adds a certain intimacy between the viewer and the photographer because you can gain a sense that maybe you’re seeing something that people don’t usually get to see. A closed door-type view. This is big throughout these photos that depict 80’s night life, streets, and rooms. Background is, in my opinion, a lot of what makes these photos so intriguing. These settings that are shown show the context that these photos are in, whether it be a messy room, or a dark dance floor. This can show the rebellious tones and stories that are behind these photos. The photography of the 80’s has a lot of techniques it incorporates to make it stand out. #ds106