Assignment #3: Someone’s Sleepy!

For my third assignment, I wanted to create a GIF of an animal doing something funny. I first found a compilation video on Youtube of animals being funny, and I shortly found the cutest clip of a puppy falling over from being sleepy. I decided to use the website “GIPHY” to create my GIF considering it is very user-friendly and I have never created a gif before. I then cut down the video, limited my duration to 3 seconds, and then added a cute sticker on top of it to add to the context. I couldn’t embed it into the post but here is a link to the GIF. Let me know what you think about it!

Assignment 2: Take Me to Elton John!

For my second assignment, I wanted to do this two-star post to photoshop myself at an 80’s concert. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to utilize my love for music! I love Elton John’s music, and I always wanted to go to one of his concerts to play one of his momentous hits. I have always used the Photoshop app “PicsArt” on my phone, so I have had experience using photoshop. It was fairly easy to photoshop, all I had to do was google a photo from his concert, paste that, then find a photo of me looking “excited” to use to “be at the concert”. I then cut the picture of me and refined it to fit onto the photo. I thought it worked very well and it was fun to make. #ds106 #VisualAssignments #VisualAssignments2421

Me at Elton John!

Assignment #1: GIF Storytelling

Hello Blog! For this 3 star assignment, I had to create the storyline for an 80’s themed folklore. I decided to link the GIF’s using my Twitter, which I used the links to embed in my blog. I wanted to pick these short loops to try to show things that happen, the characters in the story, and hints. I found these all through typing related items into the search bar for GIF’s. I really like the way the embedded links from Twitter look on the post! I will be using embedded links more often. Try to guess the classic 80’s movie I created with GIF’s! #WebAssignments #WebAssignments2300

Let me know what 80’s story you think this is down below! #ds106

Weekly Summary:

8/30- First week of class! I had previously taken DGST101 so I already had a domain, now it was up to making sure all of my accounts were public for the site and making sure I could edit everything to make it more up-to-date for this class. I made a social media page which included the accounts I own that I will be posting for the site. I will be using my own personal accounts because I do not have any more emails to use for more accounts. Some of the accounts I made public/updated for this class are my





And probably What I have the most content on so far is my website: . There, I played around with the customization of it, and attempted to make a clean home menu for everything I post. I learned how to play around with the WordPress Website and make it look to your preferred style. I also learned how to navigate the DS106 Website so that I will be able to keep up with each week easily.

This is my youtube video that I made with my channel,

This is my audio recording that i made for my Soundcloud:

It was pretty tricky getting used to uploading but I think I have a better understanding now!

What I think about the 80s

I am particularly excited to hear that we are doing an 80s culture theme for this semester in DS106. There are so many things going on that were so influential culturally; whether it be their notorious music, crazy hairstyles, or wacky fashion.

More recently, the popular Netflix franchise “Stranger Things” takes us back to that time era and can give us very notable flashbacks to the culture of the 80s. With this theme, we can do a lot with the storytelling we will be doing digitally. With notable music, clothing, and sayings, there is so much information to play around with to contribute to our classwork. #ds106thingsthoughts