Things Duckie Says

For this assignment, for 5 stars, I did a Supercut video featuring funny things Duckie from Pretty in Pink says. I used a video of Duckie Clips I found on Youtube, downloaded it, and then edited and cut it so that I could get it how I wanted. I focused on funny phrases that he said, so the video that was originally 4 minutes long, I cut down to 1:30. He’s my favorite character, and he says a lot of bizarre things so I wanted to incorporate that. It took a lot of cutting at the right times and editing it. I added a title and beginning and credits scene to add more production level. After finishing, I was able to upload this to vimeo. I got lucky that there was already a youtube video showing short clips of Duckie, but it was up to me to supercut it so that it was only phrases that I wanted. The scenes are no longer than 5 seconds long, so I was really cutting and chopping it. It goes chronologically throughout the movie, so it’s also fun to see him from beginning to end with his personality. I hope you enjoy!

Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

For this assignment, for 5 stars, I wanted to create an 80’s themed advertisement video. I chose to feature the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x because it was invented in 1984 and became one of the world’s first cell phones so it was a very important innovation of the decade. I took to iMovie for this assignment, chose my type, and then went to editing. This week, I focused a lot on my transitions and adding more to add to the production level. With this video, I explain what it is, what it does, and how much it is. I added transitions between each slide, music in the background, and added titles for a majority of the slides as well. I do some voiceover with the audios to explain what I wanted to, so I had to adjust the audio. It’s about 38 seconds, which I believe is short and sweet but also gets the point across. I had so many problems with my MAC with it continuing to shut down on my computer, but I finally got it to save. I had to upload it to Vimeo just because it would NOT upload to Youtube no matter what I did. Here is my assignment!

Weekly Update:

For this week, I had ZERO prior knowledge on video editing. Through the reading assignments and videos, it really showed me how much goes into producing. This was definitely a harder week and pushed me to learn lots of things.

First, we did the video essay assignment. This was the longest out of the assignments and I really had to familiarize myself with iMovie and stick through it continuously crashing on me for me to make this work.

Next, I did video assignments. I really wanted to do a group, but unfortunately we only had 2 people so we wouldnt have been able to make it work. Here are my 3 assignments that I did to equal 10 stars this week

Next are my Daily Creates.

This week really pushed me to learn more about movies, video editing, and production. I truly had to step out and figure out how to do everything so that I could complete each assignment. At least I will be prepared for next week’s assignments too!

Intro for Pretty In Pink

For this assignment, for 3 stars, I did a movie intro. Going along with the 80’s theme, I wanted to make a trailer for Pretty in Pink. I created this in iMovie using LOOOTS of different photos from Google Images, and then used iMovie trailers to make all of the transitions. With the audio, I did the suspenseful one, kind of to make it ironic since it’s a rom-com movie. I really like how it turned out and I made myself laugh for sure. I explain the basic plot and filled in the rest. I was able to use pictures of the characters and the vinyl shop from the main background of the movie. I spent way too much time making sure the timing and pictures for each one was right. After finishing, I uploaded the video to vimeo. ENJOY!

Answering Apocalypse Questions

For this assignment, for 4 stars, I did a video assignment answering a youtube video’s questions. For this, I downloaded the video, then cut the clips answering only the questions I had to, and then uploaded an image of me. With this, I cut down the clips and split them so that I could insert the picture of me into them and do a voiceover. I would have made videos of myself answering, but I looked really bad at the time of making this so I replaced it with an image of me. I then answered the questions and cut it down between each take. This was a hard assignment and took a lot of time to figure out. When I finished, I uploaded it to Vimeo. I am getting way more comfortable editing through these assignments.

Video of My Favorite Things

For 3 stars, I did the importance video. I made this assignment on iMovie again now that I’m better at editing after the last assignment. I included my dog, music, my sister, and friends as the things of importance for this assignment. I used photos from my camera roll on my laptop to insert into the video, then did a voiceover with it to explain why they’re on there. After explaining everything, I compiled it and for some reason the music I was trying to put over it was not working no matter what I did so that was a fail. After finishing the assignment, I went to vimeo and uploaded it there because that’s the only way iMovie doesn’t shut down on me. Here is my video!

Wow this is new

For my video essay, this was super out of my comfort zone and something I’ve never been able to do before. I really can’t do editing, so I went to the DKC and asked them some questions before starting this assignment. I used imovie, although this was why this project took so long for me. My app kept crashing, so this made it really hard for me to consistently make this movie. I made a script correlating to the video as I was recording it, so that I could speak about things as they were happening. This turned out really well timing-wise, so I’m happy I had a script written out for it. I had all of the readings done, so it was more a matter of figuring out what I wanted to speak about. I used the 2003 video clip as it was 7 minutes long and I knew that would be a good stopping point for my commentary. After voice over, I uploaded this to vimeo after many fails so that I was actually able to upload it. This project challenged me a lot.

Weekly Summary Week 9

This week was pretty relaxed since we had our huge projects last week, so it was nice to take it easy. The first post we did summarized our experience with the radio show broadcasts from this week:

Next, we brainstormed ideas for the upcoming project/final:

Then, we used our Daily Creates to tell a story and put it together:

Finally, we did some reworks on our projects. I chose the design projects, as those are my favorites to do. Here is my post!

Overall, there was still a bunch of work this week. The brainstorming gets me excited for the next upcoming project, as I have a really good idea I want to follow through with even if modified!’

Let’s Try it Again!

This reworking I chose two of some of my assignments and decided to tweak them! For the first one, I did 4 images, one story again. I wanted to do another movie. Here is my first post

Here is my new one that I think is more fitting to me and something that is harder! *Hint*, it’s my favorite movie!

This one’s very hard. Hopefully you can still guess it though!

For my second rework, I wanted to redo the simple but good logo. I liked my previous scoops ahoy, but I wanted to make it something different.

Here’s my first post

Here is a second logo that I think fits equally as well.

I added the playful phrase, that I think fits the show very well. In this logo, I think the ship wheel is a nice touch and fits the theme too. I enjoyed both of my reworks and I think they add a lot to the original posts.

Storytelling through Daily Creates

Here are my Daily Creates that make up a story. The story here is, I’m back in eighth grade and these are my daily activities and interests in that time.

eighth grade 4 lyfe!